The Ultimate Soccer Challenge

Ultimate-Soccer-ChallengeGetting you out of the office and raising the heart rate of everyone. This challenge is made up of soccer related ‘inflatable’ challenges. Volley Vibe, Penalty Pressure, Speed Shot, Pace Dribble & Human Foosball. The teams take part in each challenge and their scores are added at the end, to see who will get the bragging rights as winners of the “Ultimate Soccer Challenge”.

Soccer is a phenomenal sport and a unifier. It is for this reason that this sport is used as a team building exercise. 2 teams are allowed to come face to face to have the ultimate winner. This exercise involves challenges such as volley vibe which allows one to use flair and individual style to score goals, penalty pressure which is about handling the pressure of scoring penalties and speed shot is about how fast you can kick a soccer ball.This soccer challenge is bound to energise any team.