ZZ-Jozi-VentureDoes your team have what it takes to be crowned the ‘Jozi-Venture’ champions?

This team build is not about who finishes first, but how well your team works together.
Your team will decipher the cryptic clues, discover where they need to go and how to get there.
Along the way they will also experience the heartbeat of the city!

On your journey, you will find a range of tasks that will be challenging both mentally and creatively. Your team will have an experienced guide, who does not get involved in any of the teams decisions or actions.



The teams travel by foot and will discover new insights to the following places:
– Newtown
– Ferreirasdorp
– Central Business District

This is a high energy and high impact team experience. Fun and games will be part of the day as you solve clues, meet people and learn about this amazing city of ours.

The tasks you will need to complete include:
– Completing a food challenge at an ‘Artisanal Food Market’
– Searching for gold coins in an old inner city mine
– Create a shadow photograph, under the watchful gaze of Madiba
– Tuck into a variety of Chinese delicacies

The Jozi-Venture team build will give you an experience that you will never forget celebrating life Jozi-Style