The Chefs Table

PLANNING “Chef’s Table” has a special way of bringing teams and individuals together. The delegates need to find out more about their colleagues, their likes and dislikes. They use this information in the creation of their very own food masterpiece. Much like our country where a variety of individuals are put together a fantastic result is achieved.
Duration: 3 to 4 hours. (Outdoors)
Delegates & Teams:
Pax – 90. Teams – 15. 6 delegates per team.
Included: Presentation / Sheets / Pens / Prizes / Facilitation / Support Team
Excluded: Audio Visual equipment

The chefs table is an event where taste buds are spoiled for choice and a taste sensation at the chefs table is created. The team is exposed to different ingredients and permitted to creatively combine them, come up with polished presentations, do design planning and exercise good time management skills. The kitchen temperature during this event creates a unique team bonding experience with attributes of patience and tolerance at play.