Build It

Permenant-Beta“Build It” is the ideal community and social investment tool. The reason is that upon completion of the team build , the items that were built are donated to a worthy cause. The teams learn to plan properly before starting work on their project. The most popular item is a dog kennel, but other items can be selected. Building teams , Building futures and Building you!

Build it is all about building teams, building understanding, building futures and building you as an individual. This event is a perfect community and social investment initiative which results in-built structures such as kennels, book cases or a range of items being donated to various community projects. Through this event, team building is enhanced because the team has to formulate a plan, lay the foundation and work as a cohesive team to complete the structure.

The team has to overcome a series of challenges where the team will earn credits and the end is marked with the presentation of the project blueprint. After this presentation, planning starts and the credits earned can be used to purchase the tools and materials needed for building. This is indeed all about building teams and communities!